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10 Biggest Changes Halo Infinite Needs in 2022

Halo Infinite does a lot of things right but needs some urgent changes to ensure players still enjoy the game in 2022.

Halo Infinite is the sixth major game in the Halo franchise. The game allows long-time fans to be a part of Master Chief’s adventures through space once again.

While the latest Halo title offers players an amazing campaign set in an excellent sandbox, the game is far from being perfect. Many players are angry with the Halo Infinite bots’ terrible AI in multiplayer modes.

Now that the holidays are over, maybe these changes might help Halo Infinite players enjoy the game and stick around for a better part of 2022.

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players shooting in halo
343 Industries

10 Changes Halo Infinite Needs in 2022

10. New Maps

Halo Infinite currently has ten multiplayer maps, six of which are Arena maps and the rest being Big Team Battle maps.

Many players are already feeling burnt out due to the small map rotation. For this reason, gamers want more remakes of the old classic maps in the game, especially now that the players can use a grappling hook to move around the map.

Also, Halo Infinite Campaign players want the invisible walls to be removed from the maps. These walls ruin all the grappling fun!

halo infinite new maps changes in 2022
343 Industries

9. SBMM Removed From Social Playlist

Skill-based matchmaking has become a staple in competitive shooters and is a necessary tool to pit players of similar skill levels against one another. However, Halo Infinite’s SBMM is incredibly strict, and fans want changes.

Players feel the casual matches shouldn’t be as sweaty as the ranked ones, and the casual mode would be much better without the SBMM.

This would also enable high skilled players to queue up with their friends for a casual session of Halo Infinite without their friends worrying about the skill disparity in the lobby.

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343 Industries

8. Weapon Balance Patches

Halo Infinite has been live for almost two months now, and players have had ample time to try out the weapons in the game. The latest title offers a diverse weapon sandbox, although some of the weapons can use some tweaks.

This is especially required for the Halo Infinite’s Ravager as fans have deemed it the ‘worst gun in the franchise.’ Players are also complaining about many campaign weapons losing their viability in the multiplayer modes.

Ensuring that most weapons are viable is an excellent way to ensure the gun meta remains exciting. But first, Halo Infinite players want a counter for the overpowered Energy Sword.

halo infinite weapon balance update change in 2022
343 Industries

7. Regular Free Events – Change To Keep the Halo Infinite Players Engaged in 2022

The latest Halo title has some issues that most popular games have nowadays. Strictly speaking, Halo Infinite prioritizes having bundles and items in the store before paying attention to the event itself.

Even last month, Halo Infinite players were disappointed with the Fracture: Tenrai event. While the Fracture Tenrai event has returned with improved rewards, it will take a series of fun events to keep the players entertained till Season 2 begins.

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6. Battle Royale and Core Game Modes

The Battle Royale genre has become a massive hit in the gaming industry over the last few years. Despite the diehard fans of the franchise voting against its inclusion, many casual players want Halo Infinite to get a Battle Royale mode.

Earlier this year, there were some hints that Halo Infinite Battle Royale might be coming soon. Although, many in the Halo community feel that not every game needs a Battle Royale to stay relevant.

Additionally, there are a lot of classic game modes missing from the game. Though a leak suggests that Infection, Grifball, Extraction, and more might make their way to Halo Infinite soon.

Nickmercs also called the lack of Battle Royale from Halo Infinite its biggest missed opportunity! Cater to the streamers’ demands or listen to what long-time fans want? 343 Industries has to make some tough choices going forward.

battle royale
343 Industries

5. Progression Changes

Many fans in the community feel the progression system in Halo Reach, and The Master Chief Collection worked well. On the other hand, Halo Infinite offers players a Battle Pass with no unmonetized progression system.

Players who have already grinded all the way to higher levels now have to wait for Season 1 to end in May 2022. However, Halo Infinite recently got a major boost to XP and the progression system.

But it seems there’s some exciting news. According to a leak, Halo Infinite might have Halo Reach helmets as unlockables in Season 2.

halo infinite progression and xp
343 Industries

4. Anti-Cheat

Free-to-play shooters are usually playgrounds for cheaters running around and destroying public lobbies. Although, developers can mitigate this by adding a strict anti-cheat solution that launches with the game.

It is not surprising that Halo Infinite players want anti-cheat to remove hackers. Right now, the game is in a state where cheaters are ending matches before they finish with a hack that crashes servers.

To make matters worse, there’s no real option to report cheaters in the game. Players have to head over to the Halo Support website and create a ticket to report suspicious players or activity.

A dramatic change like adding an anti-cheat will definitely make Halo Infinite fans happy in 2022.

Halo infinite anti cheat
343 Industries

3. Optimization and QOL Updates

Halo has become a big name over the years, primarily due to the rich gameplay and well-optimized titles in the franchise that run on a variety of PC builds.

However, many players feel the game does not perform as well as it should on their higher-end rigs. Additionally, many players’ games crash while waiting for a ranked match to start. After this, they are unable to join back or cancel the match, forcing players to play 3 vs 4.

As a result, this has become one of the biggest problems in Halo Infinite Ranked Arena. Players don’t want to stick around for a lost cause and don’t want to play Ranked with a disadvantage right off the bat.

On top of this, the players are baffled as Halo Infinite and Warzone crossover in a weird new way. This is certainly not what fans of both the titles had in their minds!

halo infinite optimization and quality of life updates
343 Industries

2. Microtransaction Changes – Pricing Changes Halo Infinite Needs in 2022

Despite this year’s Halo title being free-to-play, most of the items in the shop are overpriced. As if the situation wasn’t already dire, the Mister Chief AI’s pricing has made the Halo Infinite fans angrier.

Customization has always been a massive part of the Halo armors. But the overpriced armor coating microtransactions are also not sitting right with the Halo fans.

Most players understand that a company needs to make money off its game. However, there needs to be value to the items provided or simply a decent price tag on the shop’s items.

The fact that it costs over $1000 to buy everything in the Halo Infinite item shop should tell you how big of a problem this really is!

halo Infinite micro transactions change in 2022
343 Industries

1. Desync Fix – The Biggest Change Halo Infinite Needs in 2022

Desync, in simple words, is when your game is not in sync with the servers of the online game. It is one of the most annoying aspects of online gaming.

While most of the community knows Halo Infinite’s desync issue is why shots are not registering, many players are still in the blind and blame their internet connections.

Furthermore, many players feel this is resulting in inconsistent performances in most of their matches.

No player wants to keep playing a game plagued with desync issues, and fixing this would make the Halo Infinite fans infinitely happier.

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desync issues
343 Industries

In other news, Halo Infinite data miner has found rain and snow weather in settings.

Also, classic multi-team game modes might be returning soon to Halo Infinite, according to a recent leak.

Finally, if you want to experience this game at its best, make sure to use the following settings:

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