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10 Biggest Changes Battlefield 2042 Needs in 2022

It’s not a surprise that this year’s Battlefield title has not lived up to the fans’ expectations. But Battlefield 2042 needs a lot of changes and additions to become an enjoyable experience for the players in 2022.

Battlefield has made itself one of the biggest video game franchises over the last couple of decades. And after the series of great trailers, it looked as if Battlefield 2042 will be the next gem coming out of the DICE’s studio.

However, not everything goes according to plan. Following this year’s disappointing release, the Battlefield 2042 community is happy that the game is losing its players to older titles.

Now that DICE has new members in their team, maybe these changes might help Battlefield 2042 become fun in 2022.

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battlefield 2042 poster

10 Changes Battlefield 2042 Needs in 2022

10. Redesigned Maps

The previous Battlefield titles were not only known for the beautiful maps but also for how well they enabled the flow of the game. But right off the bat, Battlefield 2042 players felt that the maps are too big.

The huge maps, especially in Conquest Large mode, are essentially just a running simulator from Point A to Point B. While this might be easy to follow through in the game, it limits the flanking options and the potential strategies in the game.

Also, the maps have wide-open spaces with next to no action taking place around them. This makes playing infantry even harder as there is no cover from the snipers and vehicles.

Maybe this is why Battlefield 2042 fans have been calling for major map changes in future updates!

battlefield 2042 big maps change

9. Proper Scoreboard and Voice Chat

The latest Battlefield title has a scoreboard that shows the squad’s stats along with the player stats. As a result, Battlefield 2042 players have been demanding the return of the classic full scoreboard since the game first came out.

On top of this, Battlefield 2042 players are also demanding a voice chat feature as the game currently does not have one. While DICE stated that they are working on returning these “legacy features” to the game, most fans feel that an all-chat, scoreboard, and voice chat are the basic features of an FPS game.

This is one of the most talked-about missing features of the game. And the community would be delighted upon seeing these features return to the game.

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battlefield 2042 scoreboard

8. More Weapons

During the launch of Battlefield 2042, there were a total of 22 weapons available to the players. Despite 2 months passing since then, not much has changed in that department and the game still offers an underwhelming amount of weapons to its players.

A majority of the community feels that the developers missed a great opportunity to include 2042’s futuristic weapons along with the old-gen weapons. Also, some of the fan-favorite guns from the previous Battlefield titles are still missing from this year’s game.

Maybe the fact that Battlefield 2042 has only 4 Assault Rifles will help you realize the seriousness of this situation!

battlefield 2042 more weapons change

7. Specialist System Rework

Battlefield 2042 boasted one of the biggest changes ever to the franchise with the inclusion of Specialists in the game. However, this change was not liked by the community, and Battlefield 2042 players want Specialists removed from the game altogether.

The Battlefield franchise usually creates games with somewhat realistic gameplay. But most players feel that the Specialists are not true to the essence of the game and look like “hero characters” rather than soldiers. As a result, many players are suggesting fixing Battlefield 2042 Specialists by bringing back the Class system.

Further, it would be nice to add gadget restrictions for all the specialists. This will change the meta from players spamming Mackay and Sundance, and make other Specialists viable as well.

Curious to wake up one day and see the Specialists removed from the game? Don’t get your hopes up. According to a leak, Battlefield 2042 Specialists are here to stay.

specialist system rework

6. Permanent Low Player Count Game Modes

One of the most hyped features of this year’s Battlefield was the 128 players’ modes. But it did not turn out the way most players were expecting.

While the number of players on the server went up, the performance of the game took a turn for the worse. Many Battlefield 2042 players even suggested lowering the player count to fix game issues.

But it appears DICE listened to the feedback this time around, and added 64 player game modes in Battlefield 2042, albeit for a limited time.

And to no one’s surprise, the 64 player modes in Battlefield 2042 already killed the 128 players All Out Warfare. Maybe giving the players what they want is the recipe for a successful game. Who would have thought!

Battlefield 2042 64 player modes permanent

5. Infantry Only Maps

It’s not been a good experience for players looking to play with just their guns. Battlefield 2042 servers in their current state, are being dominated by players flying the helicopters and raining down fire on the enemy players from the skies.

Also, since there’s no proper cover for the players on the ground in these huge maps, it becomes a challenge to come out alive from such a situation.

There’s a reason why Battlefield 2042 players have been calling for Infantry maps to be added!

battlefield 2042 infantry only maps

4. Rework Hazard Zone

While Hazard Zone was poised to become a mix of the battle royale genre and the Specialists in the latest Battlefield title, it did not live up to the players’ expectations.

Most players trying out the new game mode are leaving, never to play it again. With the game’s overall player count already going down, the Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042 is already dead.

Long-time Battlefield fans are demanding for the mode to become free to play and include the traditional Battle Royale concepts, instead of collecting hard drives and escaping.

Some fans are even saying that Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone is “a bigger fail than Firestorm mode” from Battlefield 5!

rework the hazard zone

3. Portal Mode Progression Fix

Portal mode was the most interesting addition in this year’s Battlefield game. Aside from bringing old vehicles and guns into the game, it also allowed Battlefield 2042 players to use the Portal editor to create custom games online on PC and mobile.

However, DICE nerfed the XP progression in the game mode as many servers were popping up just to farm XP. As a result, players who were genuinely grinding the game to level up also suffered. Who would have guessed this would make the Portal mode lose all the players, leaving the servers empty.

But this trick to level up guns fast and unlock attachments after the Portal XP nerf still works!

portal mode battlefield 2042

2. More Destruction for Battlefield 2042

One of the hallmarks of Battlefield games has been the destructible environment. Battlefield 4 even enabled some of the destruction which was useful to the players, especially to finish off the enemies hiding behind walls.

While the destruction hasn’t been the same in the franchise since Battlefield Bad Company 2, players are disappointed with the even lower level of destruction in Battlefield 2042. And most fans feel the addition of tornadoes in the game is just an annoying gimmick.

Maybe the new Battlefield 2042 Exposure map will help deliver some of these crucial features!

more destruction in battlefield 2042

1. Audio and Bug Fixes

Last but not least, Battlefield 2042 has a plethora of bugs and glitches. The issue was so widespread that DICE decided to delay the content update to fix the Battlefield 2042 bugs.

While the players have also figured out how to fix the Battlefield 2042 missing loadouts bug, there are still many issues present in the game. No player wants to play a broken game or better yet spend money to purchase a bug-ridden title.

On top of this, many players also feel the sound in the game is too low and has a terrible audio design. Fixing the issues that annoy the active players the most is a good way of keeping them around for the long run.

With bugs and issues piling up, a majority of the fed-up Battlefield 2042 players were demanding refunds after the broken launch.

audio and bug fixes

In other news, Battlefield 2042 fans feel the game needs to become free to play to survive. The game’s player count has been dwindling and this can be a great way to get an influx of new players.

On top of this, the latest Battlefield title keeps on giving more reasons to leave the game. Battlefield 2042 players are still demanding refunds following the broken update 3.

Finally, make sure you have these settings active for the best Battlefield 2042 experience:

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Comments 7


Wednesday 2nd of February 2022

I'd say importantly for me, an increase attention to realism and to details and consistency, which would include more destruction, and the ability to bring buildings down with weapons, not with event triggers.


Thursday 6th of January 2022

I feel like they should also fix the AI difficulty level option. In most fps you can change your teams and the enemies ai difficulty levels. It’s a problem if you do any difficulty and the bots have auto lock on mode and kill you with 1 maybe 3 shots. Fix please

Wednesday 5th of January 2022

This whole article is garbage, "fix portal progression"? Are you serious? Yeah why don't we just take away the feeling you get when you actually EARN sh!t in a game. Heck while we're at it just have everything unlocked from the start.

This article is written by the same guy who couldn't get past the tutorial in cup head right? It must be because I refuse to believe someone who actually plays games wants things spoon fed to them. Good riddance to anyone who quit because they took away portal progression.


Wednesday 5th of January 2022

Been a fan since BC2, console player now playing on PS5. PS5 has barely no bugs and the game is just awesome as it is. For sure PC is facing issues, its a much bigger challenge given how demanding the game is and the number of different setups to be found on each PC.

Regarding the fixes: 1) Bug fixing is always must; 2) More destruction is everything Battlefield is about; 3) Portal delivers what was expected of it, it does lack quality servers; 4) Hazard Zone is great, really addictive and all about team play, it could just be faster entering games; 5) Infantry Only maps are welcome, although BF is also about the mix of vehicles available; 6) Permanent Low Player count is a must, 128 players was great on paper, but doesn't really work in action; 7) Specialist system actually becomes interesting after a while, its sort of an extra gadget; 8) More weapons, well we can only use one at a time, make the existing awesome would probably do it; 9) Scoreboard at the end of the game could be the game stats found during the game on the options, why sould we care about the other players statistics?!; being a 48 years old player I don't find many friends online, so haven't actually used chat for a few years; 10) Redesigned maps make sense, adding more details and in addition more destruction.

jeff Currey

Wednesday 5th of January 2022

Milque toast